Warren Weir is a Jamaican sprinter. He has won Olympic 200m bronze, world 200m silver and 4x100m gold. One day he will inherit the earth. This is why we think he’s already an Instaking…

1. He's weir(d) and wonderful.

2. He’s a diamond geezer.

3. There are only four Warren Weirs.

4. He’s got more watches than wrists.

5. He’s got $20 in his pocket.

6. He can sing.

7. He films 200m rival Wallace Spearmon asleep.

8. He’s got mad montage skills.

9. He wishes everyone good morning.

10. When his laptop plays a song he doesn’t want to hear, he’ll sing along.

11. He approves this message.

12. Greatest. Instagram. Ever.

13. He loves peanut butter jelly time.