Valerie Adams and Renaud Lavillenie were crowned Athletes of the Year at the World Athletics Gala last week. But what else happened at athletics' annual knees up? This. That's what!


1. Say cheese!


Find out what it's like to be a star athlete and take a walk down the red carpet...


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2. #Idontbelievable

As well as being an all round nice guy, former 110m hurdles world record holder Liu Xiang is something of an accidental lexicographer. When asked what went through his head when he heard about Aries Merritt’s 12.80 world record, he said: “It was, Idontbelievable”. 

Couldn't have put it better ourselves. Our live Twitter commentary will never be the same again.

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3. Titanic throwers


Lithuanian discus legend and second in the all time world rankings Virgilijus Alekna got to take home the Distinguished Career Award. Thanks to Japan’s Koji Murofushi we now know why he can throw so far: he’s got a really, really, really long wingspan.


4. All hail the Queen

Shot put hero Valerie Adams became the first ever female thrower to be named World Athlete of the Year after owning her event for the past three years. She also owned the stage when she collected her trophy at the gala where she proved quite the orator.

“I'm proud to be here for New Zealand and Oceania. Our country has four million people and 60 million sheep, so we're punching above our weight!”    

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5. Hurdlers hunt in packs


How many hurdles world champions, Olympic champions and world record holders can you fit in one photo?

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6. A seagull squeeks and a world record holder whoops


Serial world indoor record smasher Genzebe Dibaba had us all swooning with her grace and poise last week. She's so composed she can even laugh off an attack by wild gulls. Take that, Hitchcock.




7. Soulja Boy


800m Olympic silver medallist and Commonwealth champion Nijel Amos revealed that he loves laying down tracks as ‘DJ ZoRo’ and has a single coming out with his band Black Brothers. And he's certainly got the moves.

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8. Cutting it fine


Barshim took black tie to the next level. His jazzy jacket sealed our very unofficial Best Dressed Athlete Award.

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9. Race walkers can dance

A glide in the stride and a dip in the hip is a transferable skill for the race walkers of this world.

10. Sotomayor NEVER takes off his shades

Rumour has it that one look into the high jump world record holder's eyes can turn you into stone. Just kidding, but Javier Sotomayor is probably the smoothest guy we've ever met!

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Photography: Philippe Fitte and Giancarlo Colombo