No woman ran the 800m better than Ajee’ Wilson did in 2014. The precocious American shares the wisdom that has served her so well along with her coach, Derek Thompson.

1. No man is an island

“In the grand scheme of things, running around the track two times may actually be the easiest part about being a professional athlete. The hard part comes in maintaining life off the track.

“I can wholeheartedly say that I wouldn't be where I am today and be able to toe the line each race if not for help and guidance from my great support system.

“I've learned no one can be successful entirely on their own, and I have been blessed to cross paths with so many genuinely great people who constantly help me work towards success.

“Family, friends, my coach and his family, teammates, the Taylsons, my agent Ray Flynn... there are literally too many people to name but I'm beyond grateful for each and every one of them!”

Ajee' Wilson ()

"I've learned no one can be successful entirely on their own"

2. Luck is at the corner of opportunity and preparation

“I've been given the opportunity to compete at this level, so to be successful or lucky I've got to prepare.

“With every rep, every practice or run, it's super important that I put my all into what I'm doing to be the best I can be now.

“When I'm finished, I don't want to look back on my career and realise tonnes of things I should have, could have, or would have done differently.”

Ajee' Wilson ()

ONE STEP AHEAD: Wilson wins at the 2014 Glasgow Diamond League meet

3. If it were easy everyone would be doing it

“A lot of my friends often make jokes about how as runners we voluntarily put ourselves through the stresses of training, and actually like it.

“I respect that what I'm doing isn't easy, and in the toughest workouts I encourage and remind myself that I was made to do this. I've got this next rep.

“Plus, while everyone isn't doing what I am, I know a group of people called my competitors are. They're working just as hard, if not harder, which motivates me to suck it up and push through the pain.”