Rising 200m star Anaso Jobodwana is one of the world's leading half-lap sprinters. Here, the South African world and Olympic 200m finalist gives us his words of wisdom.

1. Patience and perseverance

“It is easy for someone to stop and give up when there is a setback or an obstacle in their way, yet you never know which way the road is going to take you. So if you persevere, stick to your plan and stick to your goals, then sooner or later you will ultimately reach your destination. 

“This is true of not only athletics but anything in life. Sometimes those setbacks are a warning sign for you to change something that will lead you to the ultimate goal, but it is important to persevere. A number of times in my career it would have been easy to quit, but I stuck at it and now that I know my potential, it is a lot harder for me to give up.”

Anaso Jobodwana Moscow 2013 ()

Mixing it with the big guns – in both London and Moscow Jobodwana was up against Bolt in the semi final

2. Be a good student

“In both track and field and in life it is vital to be a good student and soak up as much knowledge as you can. The more knowledge you gain, the more thirst you have for more knowledge. This desire then allows you to learn more about yourself and your goals. It is important to not only listen to your coach but you will also gain knowledge from those not connected with the sport. 

“I have learned so much from my coaches here at the World Athletics Center [in Phoenix, AZ], Stuart McMillan and Andreas Behm, even when sometimes that information doesn't feel right. Some athletes don't even give it a chance. These athletes often find a way to run fast early in their careers and think they have found the Holy Grail, but they are ignoring knowledge which could allow them to reach the next level.” 

Anaso Jobodwana London 2012 ()

It's easy to stay positive when you're doing what you love for a living

3. Love what you do

“That is the most clichéd, but it also rings true. I love running. Ever since I was in first grade I loved the thrill of running fast. I loved to run. If my mother sent me to the store, I used to run as quickly as I could to get to the shops and back just to see her reaction. It doesn't matter how much money you earn in the sport you have to love it. I've seen athletes earn lots of money, but because they don't love it they quickly lose that money because they didn’t have that drive and passion in the first place.  

“It is much easier for you to make money doing what you love. If you love graphic design, follow your dreams and you may become a graphic designer for one of the best artists in the world or for the best companies in the world. It is important to love what you do.”