On Friday Usain Bolt will be returning to London’s Olympic Stadium, the place where, according to Steve Cram, “the champion became a legend”. At the World Relays in May, Ato Boldon sat down with the fastest man alive for the latest episode of IAAF Inside Athletics and Forever Sports took a peek into a day in the sprint icon’s life.

Spending time with Usain Bolt, it is clear that although he cannot move for attracting attention, he is not one to seek out the limelight: “I’m not big into following celebrities,” he says, before describing the worst thing about being Usain Bolt as “being so tall. I am unable to hide, so everywhere I go people see me.” And the best? “Meeting new people and seeing new things.”

His favourite party destinations further reflect his desire for a degree of privacy. “For me it is Jamaica and Australia,” he says. “The people know how to have a good time and you don’t have the paparazzi following you around everywhere you go.”


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It is very important for Bolt to fly the flag for his country, and do so with style. “I am very proud to represent Jamaica and the Caribbean,” he says. “We are known for our music – from Bob Marley to Rihanna – and sport. I am always representing Jamaica everywhere I go.”

One of the more intriguing aspects of Bolt’s appeal is just that: his appeal. Just why is he so universally popular? “I just be myself,” he says. “Sometimes, there is pressure to do something or say something but it all depends on the energy of the crowd. If the vibe is right then I get a lot of energy.”

He believes the world would be a better place if “people respected one another”. “It is the way I was brought up,” he says. “I was taught to respect people and try to be nice to them. I just try to be myself, have fun, be the best I can be and give the fans something to smile about.”

To find out what Bolt has to say about Rio 2016, the 400m, his biggest sacrifices and fast cars, watch in the full 14-minute IAAF Inside Athletics episode below: