World heptathlon silver medallist Brianne Theisen Eaton on dressing like a big banana at high school, her crush on Leonardo Di Caprio, and shouting at the film Argo.

What is your motto?

"To be successful."

What would be your last meal?

"Steak, a baked potato, caesar salad and garlic toast."

Describe your perfect day?

"I would like to lay on a white sand beach and have a full body massage followed by a good meal. Basically, my perfect day would be to get pampered."

What is your favourite pre-comp song?

"I don’t listen to music before I compete, because at a lot of the big meets electronics are banned [for the multi-eventers], so I’m not into that.

"I actually watch movies on Netflix when I get ready to compete. In Moscow, I was really into crime investigation movies. I was watching Nightmare Next Door episodes.”

What is the worst thing you’ve ever worn?

"In high school I had a neon pink velour jumpsuit, and also a yellow coloured one that made me look like a big banana. I wore a lot of sweatpants at school because I wanted to be comfortable."

Who is your toughest rival?

"Probably Jessica Ennis [Olympic heptathlon champion], although she is probably everybody’s toughest rival. This year it was the Ukrainian girl [world champion Hanna Melnychenko]. I always knew she would be up there."


Toughest rival: Ennis and Theisen at London 2012

What is your favourite athletics venue?

"I really like the Berlin Stadium. The London Olympics was the most intense atmosphere I’ve ever experienced, but I really liked Berlin’s track, and the multi-eventers room."

What is your favourite movie?

"Argo. It‘s the only movie I’ve ever seen at the theatre, and I was yelling at the screen. I was on the edge of my seat. It was the movie I got most into."

What would you do if you were IAAF President for a day?

"Make the Canadian Nationals part of the IAAF Combined Events Challenge."

If you could invite three celebrity dinner party guests, who would they be?

"I love the Food Network. There’s a lady, Ina Garten, who presents The Barefoot Contessa: I would like to invite her.

"It would be cool to sit down with God and ask him if everything is true. It would be great to get the answers to the world.

"When I was younger I had the biggest crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, so I would like to invite him. I actually cried after Titanic because I thought I would never get the chance to meet him."