The Zawisza Sports Club in Bydgoszcz, Poland, stepped in at the last minute to host the 2016 World U20 Championships. In this picture special, we take a look behind the scenes at the six day junior athletics extravaganza.

But first, let me get an ice cream

Bydgoszcz Cones (Thomas Byrne)

Pick your lane

Bydgoszcz Empty Lanes ()

Boy at the bar

Bydgoszcz Swinging (Thomas Byrne)

Training put

Bydgoszcz Training Put (Thomas Byrne)

Barrett in focus

Bydgoszcz Hurdle Drill (Thomas Byrne)

Limbering Hruba

Bydgoszcz Hruba (Thomas Byrne)

He's behind you

Bydgoszcz Umbrella, Watching (Thomas Byrne)

Podium watchers

Bydgoszcz Kenya Watches (Thomas Byrne)

I woke up like this

Bydgoszcz Frenchman (Thomas Byrne)

Kaptain's flag

Bydgoszcz Child Podium (Thomas Byrne)

Propping up the bar

Bydgoszcz Bars (Thomas Byrne)

Blue sky jumper

Bydgoszcz Jumper Waits (Thomas Byrne)

Puerto Rico loves race walk

Bydgoszcz Bell (Thomas Byrne)

Morning shade

Bydgoszcz Shaded Supporter (Thomas Byrne)

Poland loves race walk

Bydgoszcz Supporters with Flag (Thomas Byrne)

Tram information

Bydgoszcz Tram Information (Thomas Byrne)


Bydgoszcz Throwers (Thomas Byrne)

Beats by Hufnagl

Bydgoszcz Hurdle Stretch (Thomas Byrne)

A little to the left

Bydgoszcz Discus Stretch (Thomas Byrne)

This is the vend

Bydgoszcz Vendies (Thomas Byrne)

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Images courtesy of Thomas Byrne