Candace Hill may only be 18-years-old, but the US sprinter has already made her mark on athletics history. The world U20 100m champion and double world U18 champion tells us about the things she’s learnt in her young career.

Championship tip 

Have confidence and believe in yourself. I feel like you can’t do anything unless you have confidence. You can do all the hard work and have all the strength and speed in the world, but if you don’t believe that you can win, all of it doesn’t matter.

I have always had that confidence and belief – and I am always up for the challenge.

Social media tip

If you don’t want your parents to see something, then don’t post it. Also, don’t text or tweet in the heat of the moment.

Coaching tip

Push to your limits in training. In the past I used to turn up to practice and run at a comfortable pace without really pushing myself. But last year my coach instilled in me the attitude to push to my limits.

If you don’t push to your limits in practice and know what is uncomfortable, it is hard to do so for the first time in competition.

Parental tip

They never pushed me into doing something I didn’t want to do. I always appreciated my parents taking their time to help me ease into anything I did. They never pushed me.

Psychological tip

It is kind of corny, but it is true - everything happens for a reason, so accept that if something bad happens, more opportunities will come along in the future.

Last year I faced a lot of adversity through injury and not making the US Olympic team, but I learned there is always light at the end of the tunnel and more opportunities.

Candace Hill's Top Tips ()

Cooking tip

I do not cook – my mum does all the cooking. I think it would be a useful skill to be able to cook, because if I’m home alone, it would be good to know how to whip something together.

Best tip for surviving the athletics circuit

Sleep on the plane. Many people stay awake during the entire flight, which can lead them to be tired and jet-lagged.

I’m lucky in that no matter how much sleep I may or may not have had the night before, I can always sleep on a plane.

Fashion tip

It should be “comfortable and cute”. It is no good being cute, if you can’t breathe in your outfit or no good being comfortable, if not cute.

I like to recognise my style as an athletic chic. I’ll wear sneakers with a coat or a nice shirt or heels and jeans and keep it casual.

Driving tip

To be alert and don’t speed. I am very cautious in that I keep to the speed limit and don’t miss a stop sign.

Technical tip

Move the arms from ‘head to cheek.’ Watching back old footage my arms would be prone to flailing all over the place.

But thanks to my coach and his advice, my arms are now much closer to me and move more aerodynamically, which allows me to move faster.

Dating tip 

Find somebody you like with the same interests as you. Find someone you can get along with, who doesn’t put you down and who makes you feel special.