World shot put silver medallist Christina Schwanitz has mastered the art of performing when it counts. The German gives us her words of wisdom.

1. Be resilient

“Throughout my career I've always had a goal in mind, and it is important that no matter what I never to lose sight of that goal.

“I have had many setbacks in my career over the years. Since 2005 I've had seven operations on my feet and last September I had an operation on my knee. Not one of these operations has come without complications. Yet it is important to battle through these setbacks and remain focused on the long-term objectives.”

Christina Schwanitz ()

"It is important to battle through setbacks and focus on long-term objectives"

2. Enjoy the good times

“Athletics does not always go your way. It can at times be a very tough sport, so that is why when you reach a peak and everything is going well, it is important to really enjoy those moments.

“I've felt I've really reached a peak three times in my career. The first time was at the Beijing Olympics. The second time at the London 2012 Olympics and the third time was at the Moscow World Championships.

“For me, the performance in Russia gave me the biggest joy. I never expected to throw that far [Schwanitz threw a 20.41m PB] and it was important to savour that moment.”

Christina Schwanitz ()

GOOD TIMES: Last year Schwanitz won world indoor silver and European outdoor gold to go with the European indoor gold and world outdoor silver medals she won in 2013.

3. Know your key session

“I think most athletes, whether on the track or in the field, will know a key training session which indicates all is going as well as possible and they are ready to perform in competition. I personally have a power training session which, if it goes well, can usually translate to a good performance in the shot put circle.

“Every athlete has a gift and a talent. It is important to know this as it can give you confidence.”