She’s a world championships medallist and multiple European champion in the sprint hurdles and likes to make the odd appearance on the combined events scene. Cindy Roleder shares some valuable knowledge.

Championship tip

Never underestimate the competition.

When I was younger, I was sometimes prone to thinking I was in an easy heat and it would be a piece of cake. But if I did not approach the race with total focus, I’d sometimes be vulnerable and I would not make it to the next round. My advice would be to fully concentrate on every race and respect all the opposition. 

Tactical tip

As a sprint hurdler, I do not really adopt a tactic, it is just a case of always giving 100 per cent.

Psychological tip

Focus on yourself and don’t get distracted. This is something I’ve never really had to work on and I’ve always possessed. I have never concerned myself about my rivals, the race conditions or even which lane I compete in. I just focus on me and my lane and I think this is always a good approach.

Coaching tip

Try and improve a little bit every day.

The other coaching tip I was given a few years back was to train for the heptathlon. Working on lots of different disciplines made training fun. Doing tempo runs for the 800m, extra medicine ball work and additional weight training gave me a great base for the long, hard season ahead for the 100m hurdles.

At one stage I considered the heptathlon as a potential option for the future. I am a good sprinter and a former German junior long jump champion, but my javelin is quite poor and because of my throwing, I knew it would be difficult to be a world-class multi-eventer.

Technical tip

Always stay relaxed. This is important for everyone and especially so for me because the second half of my race is the strong part. So, I always stay relaxed and calm, knowing I have the security of a strong finish.

Cindy Roleder takes 100m hurdles gold at the European Championships in Amsterdam (Getty Images)

Top tip for surviving the athletics circuit 

Surviving is not an issue. It is never a stress for me to travel the circuit. I enjoy travelling around the world to compete. I can cope without complaining. Athletics means everything to me. It's my life. 

Cooking tip

I like a great variety of healthy food. I love casseroles especially sweet potato casserole. I do take care to eat healthily, but having said that I don’t deprive myself the occasional dessert. I just make sure I work that bit harder in training the next day to burn off the calories.

Top parental tip

Work on your strengths but never stop working on your weaknesses.

Fashion tip

It doesn't matter if casual, sporty or chic, a watch should never be forgotten! 

Driving tip

Use driving time to make calls to friends and relatives. Of course, always make sure it is with the hands-free kit!

Vacation tip

I love to travel around the world and I am lucky enough to have been to some amazing places. I would recommend South Africa, Dubai and the Dominican Republic.

Social media tip

Private should be private and should never be shared in public. 

Dating tip

Always stay authentic. A nice restaurant, good food and a pleasant atmosphere make a perfect date.