Dani Stevens won discus silver at the London World Championships, eight years after becoming the youngest world champion in the event in Berlin. We catch up with the Aussie.

Championship tip

Breathe, relax and let your body do what you know it can. I have always been able to implement this since I was young. In 2011 and 2012, I probably didn’t do this as well as I would have liked. But over the past couple of years, I’ve mastered those skills better again.

Psychological tip

Again, I’d say breathe and relax. A lot of athletes can over-complicate the technique in a competition and put themselves under too much pressure. Taking a big deep breath can bring clarity.

Athletics remains a very simple task, so remember to breathe and focus and repeat what you have been doing in training. It is important to remember you are as good in competition as you are in training.

Coaching tip

I’ve had a long and successful relationship with my coach, Denis [Knowles], where we have learned to trust each other. When I am throwing, I give him a lot of feedback and he relies on this information. He has taught me to know the event, my body and what I can and can’t do. So, I would say give the coach good feedback in order to achieve your ideal technical model.

Technical tip

Set up your throw with control from the back, speed in the centre and be strong at the front. If you get the first part right, a little bit like a triple jumper setting up the various phases, then it puts you in the best position to be balanced and in a good rhythm for the rest of the throw.

Dani Stevens competes at the Brussels Diamond League 2017 (Getty Images )

Top tip for surviving the athletics circuit

I carry a lot of body maintenance tools like bands rollers, trigger balls. We travel to Europe from Australia for long periods of time during the season so it is important to keep care of the body during this time.

Another tip would be to enjoy your free time. Do things that make you happy like go to the movies, visit museums, look at architecture – anything that allows you to switch off.

Cooking tip

I would say to try and cook with wholesome foods – the less processed the better. Add lots of natural foodstuffs. I enjoy cooking and I actually really miss it when I’m over in Europe and the hotel provides the food.

Fashion tip

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and vibrant. Dress in clothes that make you feel amazing.

Driving tip

I only used to worry about getting from A to B, but it is pretty good feeling when you drive a nice car to get from A to B.

Vacation tip

Do your research. So, check reviews about the hotel you are staying or the country you are travelling to. Find the best places to eat and drink, the best beach. Do your research.

Social media tip

I’m not the best [social media user]. I’m quite a private person, so I would say just stay true to yourself.

Dating tip

Try and find somebody who makes you laugh. In terms of the venue, find somewhere intimate, but also where you can have a lot of fun. My husband and I like to go out on the boat, drive along the river and find a nice picnic spot.