Ever wondered whether it’s possible to perform physiotherapy on yourself? Brazil’s 2011 world pole vault champion Fabiana Murer is proof that you can. Kind of.

1. I used to be much heavier

“I now weigh around 58kg, but aged around 18 I weighed 65kg. This wasn’t anything to do with how much I ate, because I eat more now than I did then, but I was going through a change around that age in what can sometimes be a difficult period for a woman.

“I also had switched from gymnastics training to pole vault, and I was not training as often or as regularly as I was for gymnastics – when I used to train up to four hours a day.

“It was a difficult period for me because I wanted to be thin. I wanted to be beautiful, but over time I managed to lose the weight. I think this happens to a lot of women.”

2. I’m a trained physiotherapist

“Not many people know I qualified as a physio in 2004. I had always been interested in the human body. Also, because I had suffered a lot of injuries as a gymnast, it was an area that interested me.

“I enjoyed the course and I also enjoyed the feeling of helping people to recover from injury. For me, this is a good thing.

“I did on one occasion treat myself. I remember I twisted an ankle back in 2005 and treating myself back at home. I don’t know if after I retire I will set up a clinic. Maybe?”

3. I love to be the host

“I like to cook. I think people are surprised when I tell people this.

“I like to go home and prepare the dinner. I like to invite people over to cook for them. I do my best to prepare the food through the recipe, although I do like to put my twist on it.

“I do like to entertain people with food at home. Sometimes you go to a restaurant and it can be expensive and the food is not so good, so that is why I enjoy preparing the food at home. I enjoy cooking meats although I find fish harder to cook.”