Four-time Olympic medallist Jared Tallent has caught plenty of opponents over the final kilometres of the race walk. He’s just as good at catching sea dwellers.

1. I’m a squid catcher

“I like to go fishing and in the summer I’ll go out sea fishing maybe every other weekend. I like to catch squid. There are squids everywhere out in the ocean here off Adelaide and I can easily catch ten every half an hour. It is really good to cook up.

“I also like to catch rainbow trout. If I’m fishing with my brother it can get pretty competitive, although he is a better fisherman than me.”

2. I’m an endurance geek

“It is no great surprise, but if I could feature in any other athletics discipline apart from race walking, it would be the marathon. It is just the ultimate endurance test and I think I would really enjoy training for a long period of time for one race that lasts over two hours.

“I have an interest in most endurance sports and will watch the Tour de France, which is usually on at the time I’m off training in St Moritz, Switzerland.”

3. I am no fan of sweet potatoes 

“I don’t really like sweet potatoes, which may not be an amazing fact, but when you consider I grew up on a potato farm it is a little odd.

“Growing up we had a lot of potatoes: baked potatoes, chips, mashed potatoes, any form you could eat a potato! My favourite is baked potato. If you have access to a fire I would say that is the best way to cook it.”

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