Bahamian 400m hurdler Jeffery Gibson enjoyed a successful 2015, winning world champs bronze in Beijing. But you already knew that. Here are three nuggets you didn’t.

1. I’m learning to play cello

“At the moment I’m learning to read music and play the cello. I actually bought myself a cello recently to force me to learn and practise.

“Why the cello? Well, I’m a tall, long person and most images I’ve seen of people playing the cello have been long and tall, so I think playing it favours how I look.

“The cello is a nice instrument with a nice tone and it is a challenge which will occupy my time. I am learning the instrument through a teacher.”

2. I love literature

“Since I was young my mother instilled in us a passion for reading. My aunt would insist that I speak with the Queen’s English rather than through local slang, and I was taught that through reading.

“I love reading books compared to watching movies because there and things that can be said with words which can’t be portrayed in images. I love reading super-natural fiction and any books by John Grisham and Ed Walters. I enjoyed the Millennium series of novels and I would love to read more classics. One future ambition of mine is read the Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare. 

“I try to read every day. I like to read on a morning with breakfast or on the bus on the way to and from practice. I try to read at least two hours every day.”

3. I’m a clean freak

“I’m not really into DIY or handyman work, but I am very good at domestics. I can clean, wash and I’m good at yard work. This was something probably instilled into me every Saturday morning when I was growing up when we had to help my mother clean the house.

“For me, when your life is organised and clean – as opposed to disorganised and dirty – so is your life. I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen, the floors and the oven. I am the one at home [Gibson lives with a flat-mate] who rakes up the leaves and takes out the trash.”

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