British 1500m runner Laura Muir has a to do list, and coffee is not on it.

1. I’ve got to know my hero

“Not many people get the chance to meet and become familiar with their running hero, but I’ve been very fortunate in the fact Paula Radcliffe has become a great support to me. What Paula achieved as an athlete was amazing, so to get to know her and to be sat in the same car as her or have dinner with her is a bit surreal.

“Paula spends time in Font Romeu [in France] and I got to know her when I was up there altitude training. She was very helpful pointing out certain training routes and has also given me great advice on how to prepare for a big race and various recovery techniques.

“I’ve also been on a couple of runs with her which is amazing. She has always been very pleasant and down-to-earth and is a great role model.”

2. I don’t drink caffeine

“This might seem odd but I never drink tea or coffee. I have never liked the taste. I also don’t drink caffeine because I have never wanted to be in a situation where I was reliant on anything.

"It might seem a little strange because so many athletes like a coffee or a tea, but I drink lots of water and if I want a hot drink I have a hot chocolate.”

3. I make a list every day

“Each day I write a list to plan my day ahead. I have to write things down otherwise I will forget them.

“Most days there will be around 8-10 things on the list, whether it is something connected with my studies, my physio appointment times, or if I have to email somebody.

“I have always been very organised since I was little. My mum said even when I was two years old I used to line up all the puzzles and games I wanted to play with my dad when he came home from work.

“I even have a shopping plan for the week based around what meals I am cooking. This means I only need to make one trip to the supermarket each week.”

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