Looking for a translator, or help with a Sudoku puzzle? Just ask 800m whizz Mohammed Aman, he’ll help.

1. I love languages

“I already speak Oromic, Amharic and English, and at the moment I am trying to learn a fourth language by practicing Spanish and Arabic. My faith is centred around the Arab culture, so that is why I was keen to learn Arabic. As for Spanish, I saw it as a romantic language.

“Learning a new language it not easy, but I like to learn, study and read. In a similar way to athletics the more I practice, the better I get. I like to do things outside of athletics that will make me a more rounded person and studying languages is one of them.”

2. I am fond of maths

“Since I was young, maths has always been a good subject for me. I am not sure why, I’ve just always been good with numbers in my head.

“Even today I like to do maths puzzles, so if I am travelling somewhere you will often see me trying to solve a Sudoku puzzle to occupy my time.”

3. I’m mad about basketball

“My interest in basketball began when my older brother played the game back in Ethiopia. He was a good player. He was selected to represent his school and then he played for his club at a regional level and in even better quality tournaments.

“It is through my brother that I watched and learned about the game, and I grew to really like it. Between the demands of training I still like to watch the game today. My favourite players are Kobe Bryant – a legend of the game – and Lebron James.

“I don’t have a particular favourite team and for me personally, I leave the playing of the game to my brother. He is the basketball player; I am the athletics guy.”

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