You knew that Nia Ali will be in Portland to defend her 60m hurdles world title. But did you know that she's a Belieber? 

1. I’m a computer nerd

“Since I was young, I’ve always had an interest in computers and electronics. For a long time I wanted to major in computer engineering and computer science at college.

“I like to know everything about electronics, and if I had a cell phone I would always be the one who would try and find different apps to make my phone look cool. I have a lot of electronics at home. I have four laptops at home. I just can’t seem to get rid of them.”

2. I’m musical

“I’ve been a dancer since I was aged two and I’ve always loved music. I’m always stuck in traffic living in LA, so I have plenty of time to listen to music!

“I started playing the piano from a young age and I played throughout high school. I’m pretty fluent and I think I can pass down the knowledge that I learned.

“I like to play by ear and one of my favourite songs to play is ‘Living on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi. More recently I have started to learn the guitar as I wanted to start something new.

“I love listening to all forms of music, one day it might be Justin Bieber, Jay-Z or country music.”

3. I come from a huge family

“I have a total of 25 siblings. Many of them are half-brothers and half-sisters, but for such a large family we are pretty close. My sister Kalenna Harper-Vick is in the music industry and she is the one who insists we ought to have our own TV show!

“My family is now scattered all over the USA. I have one sister who lives in London and who always watches me compete when I’m in the city.

“I also have a brother, Ameer Ali, who plays professional basketball in Barcelona, while my sister, Kalenna, is a writer and singer who used to feature in the hip-hop band Diddy-Dirty Money alongside Puff Daddy.”