Olympic pole vault silver medallist Sandi Morris is rockin’ all over the world.

1. I collect rocks from around the world

“I have always liked gardens and gardening. I think my passion started since hanging out in my grandma’s garden as a child. I also have a rock garden and I like to collect lots of rocks for the garden from places where I have competed.

“For example, I have a rock from Oregon and a rock from Rio that I picked off the ground in the Olympic Village. I have rocks from France and Germany and all over the world.

“I can’t even remember all of the places, but if I see a cool rock I pick it up and put it in my garden.”

2. I keep a journal of my life

“I have kept a journal of life since sixth grade. It is no surprise I ended up majoring in broadcast journalism because I love to write.

“I always think it is hilarious reading back old journals from when I was younger. It makes me laugh to think of the kind of things I was concerned about at such a young age. One particularly story I was concerned about was how my pet chameleon wouldn’t eat his crickets. I wrote about this in sixth grade and how the crickets were in the cage chirping at night and I couldn’t sleep!

“My old journals are back home at my parent’s house and they include everything in my life from high school crushes to goofy love letters. I still write the journal today, although what I will say is if I have a daughter and she starts giving me a hard time when she is a teenager I plan to give her my old journals and I will tell her, ‘see I do understand!’”

3. I wear lucky socks (kind of)

“I love to compete in high socks, but if I do perform well in a pair I tend to not wear them the next meet because I don’t want to use up all the luck at once.

“For the US Indoors this year, when I jumped a PB of 4.95m, I wore a pair of blue socks. I didn’t wear the socks for another six competitions – although clearly my tactic worked because the next time I jumped in them I got another PB.”

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