European 400m hurdles champion Sara Slott Petersen reveals the driving force behind her career.

1. I started athletics to beat my brother

“Part of my motivation to get involved in athletics was to win more medals than my older brother, Bjrake. When we were younger my main sport was football. I was a striker and scored lots of goals and I won some regional tournaments.

“Yet, because I played football, the most medals I could win in a season was one or maybe two, whereas my brother used to win maybe four national age-group titles as a sprinter/hurdler. I kept losing the medal race, so I thought I am going to try athletics.

“I remember once I took up athletics I finally managed to win the battle because I won six outdoor and four indoor national age-group titles in one season. After a year of me winning the medal race my brother quit athletics.”

2. I'm a coffee connoisseur

“I have a big passion for coffee. My boyfriend and I have this crazy, expensive coffee machine and he is a real coffee geek. When we are out and about in new cities we spend a lot of time and money trying to find a good coffee. I don’t have a lot of spare time, as I have a two-year-old boy, but when I do have 20 minutes to myself I like to make a good coffee.

“I like a flat white with a little bit of milk. The coffee beans I like to buy are from El Salvador and we are lucky in that in my home city of Aarhus we have an international recognised barista I like to buy my coffee from. I like to restrict my coffees to two a day – one in the morning and one in the middle of the day.”

3. I live in a Lego-house (almost)

“I am Danish, so I know all about Lego and I am proud of the fact it is such an internationally regarded export. My living room is covered in Lego because I have a two-year-old son, Tobias. It is such a great toy because it can entertain kids for a long time.

“It is quite funny, when my son goes to my parents' house my old Lego is housed there and he sometimes ends up playing with the same Lego that I too had as a child. Lego is one of the best toys that a child can have.”

Note: SPIKES thinks you're never too old for Lego