Racing doesn’t scare Shaunae Miller. Practice does.

1. I rarely get nervous

“A lot of people ask me if I get nervous before a race. The answer is no.

“However, catch me at practice and that’s when you’ll see the nerves really hit because I am not keen on running so many reps. I’m always trying to negotiate with my coach!

“When it comes to the competition it is more fun for me because I know the longest distance I will have to run is 400m. I am excited to compete in front of a big crowd. I like to put on a good show.

“When the crowd is roaring, it is so amazing. It hypes me up.

“I was a little nervous competing in the heats at the Beijing World Championships, but that was not because I was about to compete, it was because I had recently had an injury problem. Most races, though, I’m fine. I don’t suffer nerves at all. “

2. I’m a keen photographer

“Every time I go to practice I bring a camera along with me to take pics of teammates.

“My passion began after my dad bought me a Nikon D30 100 for my 17th birthday. I’m not one to take pictures of flowers, but I will take a picture of a nice view, and I like to take pictures of people.

“I once took a picture of my teammates and I was down on the ground taking the shot. They were asking why I was on the floor. I answered ‘This is art!’

“If I could take a picture of anyone it would be David Oliver because he has that big and bulky masculine look.”

3. My younger sister wants my records

“I am surrounded by athletics. My mum works for the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations and my father is a coach.

“Some people say my younger sister, Shaunece, will one day be better than me. She is aged only 11 but her times are much better than mine were at the same age.

“I stand at 6ft 1ins, but I think she will one day be taller than me. At the moment she runs any distance between 100m and 800m. We are still trying to figure out which event she is going to be best at, but she keeps telling everyone she wants to do the 400m to break my records! She’s really talented.”