With a 43.93 PB, Yousef Ahmed Masrahi is the fastest Asian 400m runner in history. Besides running loops, he likes watching a game of hoops.

1. I come from a huge family

“I am of one of 16 siblings to the same mum and dad. I have six sisters and nine brothers who range in age from 42 down to the youngest, who is aged 12.

“One of my younger brothers, Mazin, is into track. He is tall and skinny like me and I’m sure he will be good.”

2. I’m a gamer

“I love playing video games and Call of Duty is my favourite game. Since 2012 I was introduced to the game and I play the game most days with my friends in Saudi Arabia.

“I play video games because it is a good way to relax and rest after training. I am really good at Call of Duty and I’m often number one, two or three.” 

3. I love the Lakers

“Since I first watched the LA Lakers NBA basketball team when I was aged 18, I have been a big fan. Back then they had many good players and a winning team.

“In fact, when I moved out here to LA to live from Saudi Arabia, a lot of my friends said I was so lucky because I would be able to watch the Lakers play. I live not to far from where the Lakers play and so I like to watch them live. This season I have seen them twice.

“My favourite player in Kobe Bryant because he is such a good player and always smiling.”