It’s March and IAAF Inside Athletics had a makeover, well kind of. In the latest episode, high jump world indoor record holder Kajsa Bergqvist takes over from Ato Boldon to catch up with Brazil’s pole vault star Fabiana Murer.

There is no bigger stage for any athlete than an Olympics on home soil – especially if you are one of the nation’s biggest medal hopes. Murer, who turns 35 in March, initially planned on retiring in 2014, but is hoping for indoor success in Portland before celebrating her final hurrah in front of a home crowd at this year’s Rio games.

“Sometimes I feel very sad because it is my last year,” admits Murer. “But on the other side I am feeling very excited because I have the Olympics in my country. So I am trying to enjoy all moments; all the training, the competitions, because I know that’s the last year.”

The Olympics won’t be the first time Murer will get to experience the uplifting powers of a supportive home crowd. Back in 2007, she won Pan American gold in the same stadium that will host the athletics come August. Her victory in 2007 was not only a breakthrough for her own career, which so far has seen her win world titles indoors and out, but also created an appetite for athletics in Brazil.

“Pole vault was one sport that nobody knew,” she recalls. “I remember when I started I said ‘I am doing the pole vault’ ‘What’s pole vault? The thing where you throw?’ ‘No that’s javelin. In pole vault you jump.’

“But at the PanAm Games in 2007 the people [in Brazil] started to know what the pole vault was AND I was champion. It was really nice to have the people cheer for me.”

This year her road to Rio leads via the World Indoor Championships in Portland. Only two months in and 2016 has already unofficially been titled 'The Year of the Vault', but Murer says she won’t let her competition distract her from her own preparations.

Last time the Olympics came round she says not competing during the indoor season was “a mistake, so this year I decided to continue what I used to do, not change anything.

“[Portland] will be a tough competition, the girls are jumping very high this year. I think this season is important to see what was good in training, what I have to improve for the outdoor season. But I want a medal, another medal in the indoor worlds.”

To hear Fabiana talk about her competitors and unusual pole vault problems, watch the full interview below.

IAAF Inside Athletics - Season 4 episode 3

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Posted by IAAF World Athletics Club on Wednesday, 2 March 2016