In May, Gabriele Grunewald took off her spikes and put on her writing hat (not literally, obviously) and wrote an incredibly honest, hugely emotional blog post for SPIKES. Back then, the question was:

"Full-time professional runner, part-time cancer fighter.

Or is it full-time cancer fighter and part-time professional runner?"

The documentary 'Gabe', produced by David Bracetty and sponsored by Brooks Running, gives a unique insight into the life of Grunewald on her journey to qualify for the US Outdoor Championships – while battling cancer. 

If her story doesn't inspire you to go out and take on whatever challenge it is you are facing in the sport or in your personal lives, nothing will.

Keep on fighting, Gabe.


If you live in the US, you can also go and watch the documentary at the following dates/locations to support Grunewald's medical bills as well as the American Cancer Society.