Jarrion Lawson is one of the rising stars on the global athletics scene. The multi-talented US jumper and sprinter gives an insight into some of his key life learnings.

Championship tip

For me, it is a little tip my coach, Travis Geopfert, has passed on: to have fun.

Any athlete will likely be hyped and a little nervous at a major championship. Yet since I was a freshman at college, my coach told me to have fun, ‘try not to worry about things outside of your control and do your best’, I’ve found that this philosophy has brought the best out in me.

Driving tip

Watch out for others. You may well know how to drive, but it is all about paying attention to the people around you on the road.

Technical tip

Speed. For my coach and I, speed is the number one component for producing a good long jump. If you don’t have the velocity, you will struggle to produce long jumps.

Psychological tip

Regardless of where I am ranked in the world or how I performed in my previous competition, I am always respectful to all my competitors. It is important I don’t go into a competition with a cocky attitude because anything can happen on any day. This respectful attitude is something I’ve definitely learned from my parents.

Social media tip

Keep personal information off social media. Many people post every day at any time. Social media can be a great tool, but sometimes we forget that social media can also hurt you.

Best tip for surviving the athletics circuit

For athletes who are regularly travelling, it is important to make sure you receive the right amount of rehab and recovery. So, whether that means getting in regular stretching or massages, it is vital to take care and listen to your body. At the end of the day, your body is your temple and if you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you.

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Cooking tip

I’m not a big cook, although I love food; chicken and any type of meat. I like mashed potatoes and my greens like broccoli. So maybe my advice would be to eat your greens!

Tactical tip

My coach and I really put a focus on executing out of the back of the long jump and hitting my marks to make sure I don’t scratch [foul]. I try to hit my marks and be consistent from the first round through to the sixth.

Fashion tip

From my high school days, I was always told to dress nice, and that in order to perform good you had to dress good. I’m now studying for a master’s degree and we are encouraged to wear business casual. To look good is important and my mum makes sure I have a hair cut before a TV track meet!

Coaching tip

Since my freshman year, my coach has always told me to trust the process. It is important to be mindful and to look at the bigger picture.

Things won’t always go your way during a long season. You may struggle during certain periods of training and you may not always perform as you would want at every meet. However, you need to have faith in your coach and that you are peaking to perform well at a major championship. 

Last year, I went through a difficult spell. At one meet I ran 10.19 for the 100m, even though the previous year I had run a 9.90. I was getting frustrated. I wasn’t hitting the times I wanted, but I had to understand where I was at with my training cycle and that when it counted, I would be in peak shape.

Vacation tip 

It is important to go somewhere which takes you away from your normal life. God created a beautiful world, so go somewhere different and explore.

Parental tip

Be humble and also appreciative and grateful of everything you have.

Dating tip

I would say don’t be too fancy on the first date! Assess the tone, don’t do anything out of the ordinary. If you don’t regularly take people on fancy dates, then don’t do it.