For day two of SPIKES Fashion Week, 2011 110m hurdles world champ and all round cool dude Jason Richardson tells us about his life away from the track and in front of the lens.

"A friend of mine, Lindsey Berg, a three-time Olympian in volleyball, contacted me to say she knew a group of guys who needed a model. The clothing line they wanted me to model was MyVice – a sweatpants and sweat shorts clothing line.

"I was asked to do it shirtless, which was quite amusing, because it was the beginning of the season, so I wasn't in the best of shape. My first reaction was to laugh. I'm not a body-builder, I'm a track and field athlete. Yet I'm not one to be easily embarrassed. So I just took my shirt off and got on with it.

"It definitely takes some confidence to model clothes, but coupled with that you can't take yourself too seriously. If you try too hard, you can look ridiculous.

"It is also important to realise you are there to display the clothes. Remember, you are being photographed so you need to make sure you are there to pull it together and be on your game.

"You definitely need to keep a straight face – not too angry or sad. It is also important to focus on walking at the right pace; that you are in sync with the music and that you are hitting your cues at the right time.

Richardson's not too angry not too sad face

"As for other models from the world of track and field it is hard to have a conversation on this subject without mentioning Darya Klishina. She is built for modelling. I know too Kerron Clement [two-time 400m hurdles world champion] has a passion for modelling, so he would another choice.

"As for a second female it would be Allyson Felix. I've seen her on the red carpet and she wears the clothes well.

"As for my modelling experience, I had a great time. It was a good departure from track and field and to try on the different clothes was enjoyable.

"I love track and field. It is a great love of mine, but eventually I won't be able to clear the hurdles with the same speed. As life goes on, modelling may be a path that leads to chapter two and three in my life. 

Darya Klishina ()

"It is hard to have a conversation on this subject without mentioning Darya Klishina"

"Modelling may be something that I look to in future, but fashion in general would be an interest for me. I respect fashion; I have clothes from all the major fashion labels and I'd love to create my own fashion line in future.

"I definitely surround myself with people that have something to say with what they wear. Fashion is a conversation. The people I know say some great things about themselves with their clothes.

"Back to modelling, I respect any working model. It is a field lots of people aspire to be involved in, but not too many people collect cheques from it."