Germany's world medal winning decathlete Kai Kazmirek explains why repetition is key and the importance of a mental break during the multi events.

Championship tip

Have fun and stay healthy. Of course, to have fun as a young competitor at a major event is not as easy because of the pressure. But I remember the first time I tried to relax and have fun at a major championship was at the 2013 European Under-23 Championships. There I was relaxed, had fun and I performed well [he won gold with 8366 points].

Psychological tip

Repeat everything in training a thousand times. This allows you to deliver in the competition. During a competition it is important to not alter anything you have learned in training.

Coaching tip

Jörg Roos has coached me for more than ten years and he has always said ‘have fun on the track’. He has helped me grow as a person and has been like a second father to me. He is not a full-time coach, he works as an architect, but five times a week I train with him.

Technical tip

The pole vault to me is the most important discipline in decathlon and beyond how fast or strong you are, the most important element to the event is good technique. The best advice I can give is always make sure your left arm is straight.

Top tip for surviving the decathlon

It is impossible to focus for 12 hours a day across two days of competition.

Every athlete must try and relax and keep calm. I find a good time to do this is between the shot and high jump on day one. I will eat and drink something and try to stay relaxed. I then enjoy watching the high jump competition – until I take my first jump around 1.95m.

Medallists in the decathlon celebrate at the London World Championships (Getty Images)

Cooking tip

It is not so much a tip, but I love soups, particularly tomato soup. I’ve loved it since my mum cooked it for me as a youngster.

Fashion tip

I’m not really a fashion addict, but I like baseball caps and snapbacks. I love the way they look. My favourite is a grey James Harden snapback.

Vacation tip

I have fallen in love with two countries – Cuba and South Africa.

I love both the nature and the people of South Africa. It feels like a second home. Cuba is also great for a vacation because of its beaches and clear blue water. 

Social media tip

Be authentic. I don’t post every day, but when I do it is usually something to do with athletics or while I am on vacation. It is important to remember that Instagram or Facebook is a fake world. Everyone looks happy and nice, but it is not the real world.

Dating tip

Take your girlfriend to a nice restaurant, buy her flowers and eat a nice dessert – that makes every woman happy!