Keni Harrison provided one of the highlights of the 2016 season by lowering the 28-year-old world 100m hurdles record. The US hurdles sensation shares some of what she’s learned both on and off the track.

Championship tip

Simply be confident that the work you have put in will pay off on the biggest stage.

Tactical tip

Make sure you commit to the necessary hard work for the success you crave. Yes, I have made tactical errors, but I have learned that errors are not something we should dread, rather, we should embrace as a teaching mechanism.

Fashion tip

I would say when you are travelling, always make sure you have a nice outfit to wear for a formal occasion.

Driving tip

I consider myself a good driver, but I sometimes have a need for speed. My top driving tip is do not text and drive!

Coaching tip

The best tip I’ve received is regardless of the level of the meet or competition always be extremely competitive. This has been important to me as I am able to perform at a respectful standard consistently. As an athlete who takes pride in my effort and who appreciates the fans who come out to support us, it is important that they get the best of me.

Keni Harrison Top Tips ()

Technical tip

The best advice I have received from my coach is to reduce my time spent going over the hurdles. This is important as less time over the hurdles equals more time on the ground!

Tip for surviving the athletics circuit

It would definitely be to take your favourite snacks, make sure you have Netflix handy and make sure you run fast!

Cooking tip

I don’t really consider myself a good cook, so I’m not sure I’d be the best person to offer cooking advice. Let’s just say I like to eat! My favourite meals are baked chicken or salmon with vegetables.

Psychological tip

I think it always important to listen to your coaches as they are the ones equipped with the knowledge to assist us in reaping success. Post the US Olympic Trials [where Harrison finished sixth and missed out on a spot in the US team for Rio 2016] my coach [Edrick Floreal] was the one who inspired, pushed and encouraged me to train towards the world record. I listened and the rest, as they say, is history.

Two weeks after her disappointment at the US Olympic Trials Harrison set her world record time of 12.20 in London.

Vacation tip

Any holiday destination for me must be somewhere warm, so places like Florida or the Caribbean are top of my list of places I would suggest as a holiday destination.

Social media tip

Be very careful what you post, make it positive and inspiring.

Dating tip

Just be yourself – your date should be able to accept you for who you are. When you create a false impression, it could lead to chaos down the road.

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