The 2015 London Marathon will see world record holder Dennis Kimetto and former world record holder and reigning London champion Wilson Kipsang do battle over 26.2 miles. Before Sunday's duel, we got the two Kenyans to warm up over five, gruelling rounds in the inaugural SPIKES Modern Pentathlon.

Noughts and Crosses

A battle of tactics, a clash of strategies. Who can out-think their opponent? Who can make the decisive move?

Spoon Balance

Maintaining speed over a long distance requires poise, posture and precision. So does hanging a spoon off your schnoz. Who has the grace to keep it there the longest?

Rock, Paper, Scissors

They've both got the tools to be a champion, but who has the guile to make the right move at the right time? We're big fans of the controversial Kenyan hand waft technique that both players employ.

The Peel

You gotta get those vitamins in if you're gonna last the distance. Who, at this crucial stage of the competition, can hold their nerve and unsheathe their satsuma the fastest in a single peel?

Paper Toss

What drama! Neck-and-neck as they enter the home straight, both Wilson and Dennis hold destiny in their hands and just have to make it their own. Who can toss the paper ball in to the bucket? Who can become a hero? WHO WILL BE THE ULTIMATE CHAMPION????!?!?

......errr so it was a draw. BUT WHAT A BATTLE IT WAS. Guess that means they'll cross the line #handinhand on Sunday?