Laura Ikauniece-Admidina won world championships bronze in a high quality heptathlon in 2015. The Latvian record-holder shares her best bits of athletics advice.

Championship tip

I have learned over time that the hard work I put in during the training camps will pay off at the championships. And that hard work is the best preparation and it will allow me to compete with confidence.

Psychological tip

If something bad happens during a competition – like a poor performance in one event or an injury – you need to try and ignore such factors and give it your all during the rest of the competition.

Coaching tip

My coach [Andrei Nazarov] would say ‘don’t think, just do it.’ This is something that works best for me. Of course, I really trust my coach and his training system. I know my results will improve and he has a set plan which will make me a better athlete.

Technical tip

After you have practised the technique so often during your training and every muscle knows what it is doing, trust yourself and compete with a clear mind.

Top tips for surviving the athletics circuit

You need to treat your body in a similar way to an expensive car. You need to drink lots of water, enjoy quality food, sleep well.

It is also important to find some things away from track to occupy your time otherwise you will go crazy. I like to go shopping, go to the cinema and cook. I like to listen to music and hang out with friends. When I am back in Estonia, where I train, I like to play disc golf.

Laura Ikauniece-Admidina celebrates bronze at the 2015 IAAF World Championships (Getty Images)

Cooking tip

I love food. I like good quality food. Sometimes I like to go the restaurants. I like to try something new. I like to eat good meat, which has been hunted in the woods – I am from a family of hunters. I like sushi and salads. I like healthy nutritious food – that is very important.

I noticed about a week or so after I set a national record [of 6815pts] to place third in Gotzis, my skin was really bad. I think that was because I was eating cakes for a week that people kept sending me to congratulate me on my performance.

Fashion tip

I’m mostly into sportswear. I like to wear comfy clothes. I do like skinny jeans, but maybe I should wear something a little girlier. I need to wear more dresses, but often because the weather is so cold they just hang in the closet and I never wear them.

Driving tip

You need to be very focused on the road. These people who text and drive are crazy.

Vacation tip

I never have been on an end-of-season vacation as I usually visit my grandparents in the countryside. I dream about an island location with blue water, sun and palm trees.

Social media tip

I like to inspire other people to do sports and to be healthy and positive. It is important to be personal but not too personal. I never post each day about what I am doing. I try to post some motivational things which will maybe help people in their general life. I am happy when I get messages from some girls in Latvia saying that I have inspired them.

Dating tip

I think once you are in a relationship, the main thing is to do lots of fun things together; like travel, go to restaurants and other activities to keep that sparkle alive.