Olympic 800m finalist Lynsey Sharp is among a crop of top-class two-lap runners. Here the Briton offers her best piece of advice on a range of subjects.

Championship tip

It is easy to become distracted at a big event, particularly a multi-sport competition, so my advice is to stick to your normal routine. I also believe experience and making mistakes has taught me so many lessons. In 2015 at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing I probably was a little too uptight [she didn't advance beyond the 800m semi-finals], but at the Rio Olympics I went in with a more relaxed attitude [Sharp went on to place sixth in the final in a lifetime best of 1:57.69].

Social media tip

I try and show a little of my personality as that’s what makes me unique and different from someone else.

Tactical tip

Sometimes you may have a tactical plan in your head but it is impossible to predict how the other seven people are going to run, so it is important to be adaptable. Every race is different. To be honest, from a tactical point of view I’m still learning. One of the finest pieces of tactical running I have ever seen came at the 2004 Athens Olympics when Dame Kelly Holmes bided her time at the back but had the confidence to unleash her kick finish to perfection to strike gold.

Cooking tip

I get bored of making lunch every day, so I would say make a big dinner the night before and then eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. It is a great time saver. 

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Training Tip

I share my training time between Boston, where my coach [Terrence Mahon] is based and Loughborough in England. Because I train alone much of the time, I have to be very aware of the signals my body is telling me. Knowing when to back off sometimes can make the difference between having two days off training or pushing too hard, picking up an injury and facing two months on the sidelines. I recall at the London Anniversary Games last year I was tripped from behind and my knee was sore following the race. It was very close to the Rio Olympics, so I decided to take two day’s rest to allow my body the time to recover.

Fashion tip

If I face a big session or perhaps a session I’m a little nervous about, I’ll make an effort to put together a big training outfit. I figure this way, even if I’m not feeling good, at least I am looking good. This often happens on a Monday, which is usually a tough day.

Driving Tip

It is to drive not like how I race!

Tip for surviving the athletics circuit

Enjoy the experience. I know it is sometimes difficult, but to go out and jog around the city can be a good way to see a new place. Last year I competed in Monaco for the first time, which was a fun and an amazing place. I’m also a big fan of Switzerland.

Dating Tip

Oh, I don’t know, to try to be yourself.