Marcin Lewandowski is one of Poland’s finest middle distance runners. The reigning European 1500m indoor champion shares some of his best pieces of advice with SPIKES.

Championship tip

The most important tip I can give, at least in my event, is to be ready and prepared for all three rounds.

I know many athletes who are strong on the Diamond League circuit, but they never win a medal at the major championships. I train with the goal to perform well for all three races and that is my weapon.

Tactical tip

Unless you are David Rudisha you need to see what is happening during a race. You need to be smart, you need to think during a race and be alive to the tactical variables.

Both at the 2011 and 2013 World Championships in Daegu and Moscow I finished fourth [in the 800m] and I lost out on a medal due to stupid mistakes in the race. After these performances, I have become much smarter and I am running races in different ways.

Psychological tip

As a husband and father of two daughters, the most important thing for me in life is family. This means I am not afraid to lose on the track anymore. I know many athletes who fear what will happen if they lose. For me, that does not matter and I can finally enjoy my running.  

Coaching tip

While on the track, deliver 100 per cent. The worst feeling is to cross the finish line with energy and the ability to talk. I always leave my heart on the track.

Marcin Lewandowski at the European Team Championships (Getty Images)

Cooking tip

I’m not very original when it comes to the kitchen. I like to cook very simple dishes like pasta, rice and chicken and I only drink water from a bottle.

Fashion tip

It doesn’t matter how, but it matters to look good. I can say from the beginning I have been with adidas and their clothes are always fashionable!

Driving tip

If you want to be a good driver, you should buy a Mustang GT – like me! No speeding tickets, no problems.

Vacation tip

As I lead a very active life, when I go on holiday, I need very good food, a lot of sun and beautiful beaches. If you ever want to meet me on holiday, you are very welcome to join me in Thailand and South Africa – ha, ha.

Social media tip

I am not really a fan of Facebook or Instagram, but I know how important it is for our fans. I don’t do anything too crazy, I just inform them of when and where I am training, competing and resting and so on.

Dating tip

It has to be to have fun. Although I can’t really remember because for the past 12 years I’ve been with one woman, and for the last four years I’ve flirted with my Ford Mustang, which is really fun!