If he’s not on the track, 800m runner Michael Rimmer will most likely be found playing them. The Englishman, who will be competing in the Commonwealth Games this week, tells SPIKES about his passion for spinning discs.

“I got into DJing when I was around 17. A big part of my life growing up was spent listening to my dad’s LPs on the record player.

“I think I even took my first steps listening to some Michael Jackson of some sort, so I was obviously always interested in music from a very early age.

“A friend of mine at school got a pair of decks for his birthday and I used to go round to his house after school and do some mixing. It was only as a hobby at first, but then we were playing at a party and were spotted by a local club owner.

“We were invited for a trial, and the next thing I knew I was playing in front of a thousand people or so every Friday and Saturday night. I was only 17, so I could only drink Red Bull, but I could bang out a good set!”

Michael Rimmer ()

"DJing is a different type of buzz to being an athlete"

“Good qualities for a DJ are probably playing to the crowd. Even if there’s a track that doesn't quite do it for you, if it seems to work for the audience then let it play. Similarly if a song isn't going down well, get it off ASAP!

“I think if you have good musicality and have a feel for the tempo of songs then mixing and blending them together seamlessly come naturally. You either have it or you don’t – a bit like athletics!

“DJing is a different kind of buzz to being an athlete. You can see directly what the crowd is feeling and sense the enjoyment instantaneously when you play the right song.

“I'd say it’s much more satisfying being a DJ as you can never really fail, whereas in athletics if you don’t win, then anything else is a failure.”