As a 9.85 100m sprinter, Mike Rodgers is one of the big fish in the world of sprinting. It is perhaps no surprise then that the 2010 world indoor 60m silver medallist is a big fan of tropical fish. 

“My passion for fish began at the age of ten after my step-father, Calvin, built my sisters and I a 55-gallon fish tank. The first fish we had was a collection of Tiger Barbs, but they only lasted about three weeks because they ate each other. At that stage we didn't know much about how to look after them.

“Later we bought about ten more and kept them right through until I left for college. Sadly, the fish tank – which was in the living room – is no more. All the kids moved out from my parents’ house, so there wasn't anyone to take care of the fish. 

“The Tiger barbs are varied in price depending on size and can range from $50 up to $300. The most we have paid is around $150 for various sizes of fish. At one stage I would love to build a tank in my bedroom wall.”

Mike Rodgers FISH ()

Before reading the below, who do you think would be which fish?

“If I was a tropical fish I would be a Koran Semicircle Angelfish because it reminds me of how I look on the track – which is cool! Usain Bolt would be a an Emperor Angelfish – a big flashy yellow and blue fish. Justin Gatlin would be a Tiger Barb - cocky and ready to take on everybody. Yohan Blake would be a Clown Fish like the one in the movie Finding Nemo because he reminds me of a kid who likes to explore and have fun.”