US 5000m record holder Molly Huddle has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the sport. The winner of Sunday’s NYC Half Marathon delves deep into the memory bank to tell us her words of wisdom.

1. Stay warm

“For much of the winter I train in the ice and snow [Huddle is based out of Rhode Island in northeastern USA]. However, I find due to the cold conditions I'm vulnerable to injuries.

“The cold and slippy conditions are too risky to spend large chunks of time training in. So to put in the quality work I need I like to spend time winter training in warmer climates.”

Molly Huddle ()

Huddle kept warm on her way to becoming the first American to win the NYC Half at the weekend

2. Recovery is key

“Learning the importance of recovery has allowed me to string more workouts together and allowed me to become a better runner. I think I sacrificed running really well at college by not getting this right.

“I remember running much faster in Europe and realising that I was running the same workouts as I did in America, yet it was then I realised it was additional rest which had made the difference. Back in the US at that time I was getting little rest because I didn't have a car and between classes I was riding my bike all over town, never taking ice baths and never taking naps.”

Molly Huddle ()

Last season Huddle set PBs in both the 5000m (14:42.64) and 10,000m (30:47.59) – the fastest times posted by any non-African woman in 2014

3. Take responsibility

“I learned the importance of bringing my own support team, taking ownership of my performance and controlling all the variables after my experience at the 2008 US Olympic Trials. I don't think I did a very good job of controlling them back then. I downplayed how important it was.

“I didn't take a massage or ice bath. I didn't work with a chiropractor or take the allergy treatment I needed to. I had an Olympic A standard going into the event but finished tenth in the 5000m.”