Ever wondered how to run fast and still look good doing it? Hurdling glam-girl Queen Harrison is here to tell you how.


"I have six different colours of lipstick - a girl needs to have options! I will decide on which lipstick to wear dependent on several factors, such as weather conditions, whether it is an afternoon or evening meet, or a major televised meet.

"If it is a big televised meet I'll go for a red or a pink or something that really stands out. If it is a low-key meet, I might go for a brown. If I'm running well and I'm a big contender it means I'll get more TV time, which means that this face will have to look its best."

Teeth whitener strips

“I do a lot of smiling at the line, so I have to make sure that those teeth are pearly white. A healthy white smile is always in style and necessary to be fast and fab!"

Queen Harrison SPIKES fashion week ()

Harrison's dentist should be proud 


"I have my basic go-to mascara and a great eyeliner because I love to draw focus to my eyes, in addition to my lips. A woman knows her best and favourite features so using make-up to accentuate them is what it is all about!"

False lashes

"My false eyelashes and glue are in Queen's bag of goodies. I usually only wear the false lashes for the big races – so it is really high-glam. So, whether I decide to wear them or not really depends on the calibre of the meet."

US sprint hurdler Queen Harrison (Getty Images)

"I have six different colours of lipstick - a girl needs to have options!"

Hair extensions

"I have hair past my armpit, but I like full hair and I love to switch around my style and look, so I have at least two or three tracks of hair at any given time to give me options.

"Sometimes I won't wear my hair extensions as my hair is pretty long, but I have some curly, some straight and some that I braid into my hair to make them look longer. It just depends on the meet as to which one I'll use."