Richard Kilty has won world and European indoor medals over 60 metres. Here the Briton talks about a few things he's learned in the sport.

Championship tip

Have a clear mind. By that I mean, don’t let anything or anyone distract you. At a major championship, I like to be on auto-pilot and just focus on delivering my best.

I’ve always been a huge athletics fan from the age of ten and I always remember how commentators used to say how an athlete has ‘allowed the pressure to get the better of them’. I would always wonder, why is that? I hoped that when I was at major championships I would not let the pressure get to me.

I approach every major championship with the same attitude – as long as I execute my best race, I know I can run faster than ever before. I find by simplifying my mentality I allow myself to deliver my best.  

Technical tip

Keep the thighs pumping. In the past I was prone to pushing my legs behind when I ran. Yet, a former coach told me back in 2014 as soon as I put my foot down to punch my thigh back forward. I’ve found this really helpful. 

Psychological tip

Be completely relentless in what you do. Success in athletics doesn’t just happen overnight. It is a long-term plan and to achieve your goals it is important to never put limitations on yourself – in both training and competition – and keep striving for more.

Another psychological tip I would say to any athlete lucky enough to enjoy success, it is to live in the moment. Often within hours of an athlete enjoying success the coach, manager and media move on to ask the question: what next?

I just think it is important for an athlete to soak up the success to enjoy for a week or so. If we permanently live in the future, we are always anxious. If we live in the past, we are going to be regretful. In some respects, there is no point in being a successful athlete, if you are not going to live in the moment.

Coaching tip

I think it was what my dad [and former coach, Kevin] taught me when I was younger – to stay relaxed. Even today when I have a bad race, it is often because I am tense.

My dad used to say when a boxer threw his best punch it was a relaxed punch. When I am more relaxed, I run my best races.

Richard Kilty crosses the line in the European indoor 60m final (Getty Images)

Top tip for surviving the athletics circuit

I’ve fallen victim to this in the past of not taking enough water with me or not having access to the food that I like. To address this, I always make sure I pack enough water, electrolytes and protein bars. It is also important to take the time out to relax.

Competing at a Diamond League can be very exciting, but try and take a nap or relax. I always make sure I have all my entertainment on my iPad and I have my ear phones with me. I would also say to any newbie that most people on the athletics circuit are very friendly and welcoming. So, if you are at the dinner hall don’t be afraid to chat because it is easy to make friends.  

Cooking tip

I’m a terrible cook, but more recently I’ve started eating more healthily. I’ve started cooking steaks and having them for breakfast as a high protein source. I had an amazing steak once and I found out the secret. Tenderise the steak, then add cracked sea salt and cracked pepper with olive oil and then grill.

Driving tip

I would say always anticipate other drivers. You could be the best driver in the world, but you can’t control everybody else, so I would say keep your distance and always anticipate that other people could make mistakes.

Fashion tip

Don’t fall into the trap of following current trends. I would say be original and true to yourself. Create your own style and be different.

Vacation tip

When on holiday switch your phone off, take a break from social media and enjoy the holiday. We go to all these beautiful places around the world but we sometimes struggle to appreciate them because our head is buried in our phones. 

Social media tip

To keep people interested play to your audience. So, for me, I’ve got a lot more interest and followers by posting training videos.

Dating tip

Do something you both enjoy. My wife and I we would like to go the VIP seating section at the cinema and watch a movie with a meal and a glass of wine. When you do find the right partner, I would also say do as much travelling as you can.