Shanghai’s subway network has had a makeover to celebrate the Diamond League returning to China’s biggest city. The results are fantastically confusing.

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Google translate isn’t as hilariously inept as it was when SPIKES was fudging through a Spanish A Level, but it is still inept. And hilarious.

We’d like to explain what the heck is going on with the brilliant athletics decals that adorn the Shanghai Subway, but we can’t. Something about an interactive treasure hunt game. Possibly.

We came across the pics on this website, and we translated the words using the search engine behemoth’s twisted algorithm. The resulting verses won’t provide you with much englightenment. But they might make you laugh.


No longer ordinary white top duplex

But it is packed into the athletics stadium

Such ideas

Not only will appear in a foreign country

Shanghai Subway ()
Shanghai Subway ()
Shanghai Subway ()

This is a small drill

In order to meet May 14

The arrival of the Diamond League Shanghai Station

Carefully crafted out

“Diamond No.” train track and field 

In addition to exaggerated decoration

Let your proximity to its “path”

More intimate games you play

“Diamond Award” week in and week to send

1. Track and field stadium “pit” You deal is off

Play a point

Shanghai Subway ()

 Into Subway

“Fire” the same athletics track

Quasi keep your eye on


Shanghai Subway ()
Shanghai Subway ()

End of the runway

They were placed with a

Long jump pit and the shot put throwing area

Even unarmed

You can also put a wayward large POSE

Experience a

2. Answer scan code to take the prize winning puzzle

Play point two

Shanghai Subway ()

In addition to unique cabin floor

Also on the inside handle small diamond set aside mystery

Red, yellow, blue, green salad four rings

Athletics Fun Four Topics

Shanghai Subway ()


To win the Diamond Puzzle

Assembly of

More participation “Diamonds” Sweepstakes

Beautifully week in and week to send packages

Spectators correct collection 

3. Creative door waiting for you to show the self-stick

Play point three

Shanghai Subway ()
Shanghai Subway ()

Interactive elements within the compartment

May only floor, two-dimensional code

Look at the door

A bundle of stadium “large”

Full of tension

Put a poster with paragraph posture

Zhang motion to Creative Self

Every minute

Incarnation “Track and Field Daren”

To read the original Chinese version click these very words

Thanks to Rosemarie Smit and Marleen Rennings from Global Sports Communications for providing the images