World indoor shot put bronze medallist Tom Walsh is one of the event’s rising stars. The 23-year-old New Zealand record holder shares his wisdom.

1. Don’t stress

“I have seen many people stress in the sport of track and field, but my advice would be, unless you can personally effect change, don’t stress.

“If you are stuck in a traffic jam or miss your flight, don’t stress about it. Just move on.

“I like to think I’m laid-back, although obviously I do worry about certain things. But it is important to make sure if you do worry, focus on the things that you need to do to change.”

New Zealand's Tom Walsh after taking the bronze medal in the shot at the IAAF World Indoor Championships Sopot 2014 (Getty Images)

Last year Walsh won bronze at the Sopot world indoors and bagged Commonwealth silver in Glasgow

2. Make friends with your airline

“Living in New Zealand I find I travel a lot. Around three of four years ago I realised flying with one airline company or group of airlines allowed me the chance to use their lounges for free food and it gave me opportunity for upgrades.

“For me, it is a big help and the free food and drink is always a bonus. The best food I ever had in a lounge was pumpkin soup which really hit the spot!”

Tom Walsh ()

This season Walsh finished fourth at the world champs, won the Brussels Diamond League and set an area record 21.62m

3. Treat yourself

“I struggle to sleep on flights and I took the decision to always fly business class if I’m travelling for more than five hours.

“I first flew business class to the 2014 World Indoor Championships in Sopot and because I threw so well in Poland [Walsh won bronze], I thought 'why not fly business class again?' If I had flown economy class I would have been jammed up and cramped to one side. I took the view that because I do a high explosive activity I want to feel reasonably good getting off a plane.

“It is important to me, so even if I pay double the price that’s what I will do. The other things I recommend is always take an eye mask or ear plugs with you in case you have a room-mate that snores… like Reese Hoffa!”