Australian distance super couple Genevieve LaCaze and Ryan Gregson come together to share their best pieces of advice.

Championship tip

Surround yourself with people who believe in you. There's plenty of failure at a major championships and many athletes dwell on how hard the competition level is.

Our support team is pretty consistent throughout the year. We have a solid squad of MTC [Melbourne Track Club] athletes around us, but our key members leading into the major championships are our coach, Nic Bideau, and each other. We like to keep things tight.

Tactical tip

Our coach once said to run like you're a horse that people have put money on. This way you will hopefully make smart moves to not upset the punters.

Unfortunately, we have made a few tactical errors in the past, which is why our coach explained this mentality. We both take this attitude into every race to remind us to think more rationally when stakes are high and the pressure is on. Making one irrational decisions in a tactical race can be the difference between a medal or not.  

Psychological tip

Pressure is a privilege. You have pressure on you for a reason, because you're good! Nobody expects anything of athletes who haven't done anything before.

Together we have had to learn how to deal with this. Ryan is definitely more level headed, so he is able to help me control my thoughts and stay relaxed.

Pressure just causes extra anxiety and emotion to enter your thoughts, so these days we talk about what the race plan is with our coach, tell each other, then know that nothing else will change the outcome if we execute.     

Coaching tip

Give your coach full control of your athlete life. A coach has the best chance of making a difference, if an athlete invests in that person 100 per cent. 

Technical tip

There's always room for improvement. Even Usain Bolt could improve in some technical areas to make himself even more efficient.

We use social media to our advantage when it comes to correcting our technique with all the photos and videos popping up these days from sessions or races. We take note of what our style looks like during races and try to find weaknesses.

In training about a year ago we noticed our hips would drop during our stride. We both showed a lot of weakness in our pelvis and hip stabilisers, so we adjusted our gym routine to work on strengthening our mid-section to correct the hip drop. 

Genevieve LaCaze and Ryan Gregson at Nitro Athletics (Getty Images)

Dating tip

If your event needs full use of your thumbs, be careful when swiping right on Tinder. Fortunately – we started dating before the Tinder generation!

Tip for surviving the athletics circuit

Try to enjoy yourself after your competition. You won't be flown around the world for free forever.

For example, when Gen got the Australian record in the 3000m steeplechase at the Paris Diamond League in 2016, we made sure we enjoyed the moment that night and enjoyed dinner under the Eiffel Tower. These moments are rare.

Cooking tip

Make sure there is plenty of protein in your meal, so you are fully recovered for the next session. We aren’t too adventurous when it comes to cooking, however, we try to take on board an even amount of red meat, chicken and fish.

Top parental tip

Be a good person.

Fashion tip

Don't wear running shoes with jeans. This is mainly directed at Americans. 

Driving tip

Driving too slowly can be as dangerous as driving too fast. Stick to the limit. 

Vacation tip

Get in as much beer & wine [drink responsibly] and pizza as possible as you'll be craving it when the going gets tough mid-season. 

Social media tip

A photo of you running in Australian gear will get you followers! Add a cute dog for more likes.