Forget Paris, London and Milan. This is SPIKES Fashion Week and the track is our catwalk. To kick us off, here are ten of our favourite athletics outfits. 

1. Benn Harradine

Australian discus star Benn Harradine would have looked more at home on Dancing With the Stars in this silver and black effort.

Benn Harradine ()

2. Francoise Mbango Etone

Etone isn't the only Cameroonian to opt for a sleeveless number.

Francoise Mbango Etone ()

3. Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis was a ‘blink and you’ll miss him’ sprinter, so he kindly made it easier for people to see him by wearing a shirt with camels on it.

Carl Lewis ()

4. Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman's sci-fi suit was a defining image of the Sydney Olympics. It's pretty obvious why.

Cathy Freeman ()

5. Jamaica's 2004 Women's 4x100m team

This get-up would have been more at home in the pool than on the track.

Jamaica 4x100m Women's Relay Team 2004 ()

6. Leroy Burrell

What's got eight legs and looks like a spider? Leroy Burrell and the Santa Monica Track Club relay team, of course. And a spider.

Lewis and Burrell ()

7. Linford Christie

This onesie makes the list for advocating milk and cookies. The skeleton is just a bonus.

Linford Christie ()

8. Maggie Vessey

That is a genuine go-faster-bow on her shoulder.

Maggie Vessey ()

9. Usain Bolt

When in Glasgow...

Usain Bolt ()