There aren’t many humans that can move quicker than Yohan Blake, and we’ve yet to find one who can match his insatiable appetite for bananas. When SPIKES heard that he eats up to 16 bendy yellow fruits a day, we just had to catch up with the 100m world champion to find out more …

We have read that you eat up to 16 bananas a day, is this definitely true? And why do you eat so many?

Yes, and sometimes more. Potassium is very important and bananas are filled with it. They give me energy and the more energy I have the more effective I am on the track.
Have you always eaten that many bananas, or has a nutritionist recommend you eat that many?

I have been eating bananas from when I was a child. Then I could, and would, eat up to 30 a day.
Amazing. Do you have a favourite time to eat them?

I do, I eat them mostly when I am playing video games and relaxing.
Do you ever try anything a bit different with your bananas?

I just peel them and eat them.


All for Yohan: Om nom nom nom

Fair enough. What’s your favourite type of banana?

I eat Jamaican bananas.
Patriotic. Do you prefer to eat them ripe or slightly harder?

I like to eat bananas when they are just ripe.
Which shop do you buy your bananas from?

I have a local supplier who supplies me with bananas.
What is the most bananas you have ever eaten in a day?

The most is probably around 30 when I was younger.
What does Usain think of your banana eating?

He thinks it’s beastly.
Ha! In a banana eating competition, who would come out on top, you or Usain?

I can’t answer that question.

Thanks Yohan!